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August 25, 2009

Night 4 – The Jolly Roger…


Thanks to my friend Paul, for suggesting that what I need to aid peaceful sleep is a jolly good rogering.

Of course, this is a course of action I have tried occassionally, and I have found it partially successful.  The caveats are (there’s always a ‘but’ right?): that the rogering does actually have to be jolly good – I mean for me – it doesn’t really make any difference to my sleep patterns if my rogering partner has a good time or not; and the rogerer (that’s not me, I’m the rogeree in this case) must put in  the alloted 10 minutes of cuddle time afterwards and then steal silently out of the room.

I don’t know anyone like that.  My past experience (not statistically significant, but enough for anecdotal evidence) suggests that the rogerer is snoring away long before the allotted 10 minutes is up.

This keeps me awake.

August 21, 2009

Night 1 – Nightmare on Calm Street…

Yesterday, my mate @Mangetout suggested I try listening to a podcast to try and get some sleep.  It’s something I haven’t tried yet – so I downloaded what I thought would be the most sleep inducing podcast – Jack Boyer does the Best Accounting Practices greatests hits (not treally what it’s called, but I’d suggest they change the name to that.) 


My short preview (pre-listen) suggested that Jack’s melodiously monotonous tone and the frankly… well… un-fascinating subject matter might just do the trick.  I downloaded the whole lot onto my iPod and prepared to slumber.

By about minute 36, I was bored, but sadly still alert, and in possession of a great deal of information about automated banking reconciliation and activity based costing.

I listened to the whole lot twice through, and sometime after 2am, I nodded off.  Success! I hear you cheer! Ummm…. Well not exactly.  You see, I’m not sure how long I slept for, but I did sleep long and deep enough to have horrifying double-entry-book-keeping dreams, and wake up in a cold sweat at 5am believeing I was a chartered accountant.  The Horror!  The Horror!

I had previously thought quantity of sleep was my problem, but this incident has shown me that quality is also a factor.

However, I’m not quite ready to give up on the podcast idea, so tonight I plan to listen to something I find interesting and pleasant and see how that goes for me. 

Keep your suggestions coming.  Remember, I’ll try anything…

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