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July 6, 2009

Good grief!…

This just in courtesy of Stuff and The University of Buffalo Psychology Department…

“People who are sensitive about their looks and concerned about being rejected because of them are more likely to be interested in cosmetic surgery than those who are less sensitive.”

…errr…  Am I missing something here?  Do we really need to conduct studies to figure out that insecure people are more likely to go under the knife for cosmetic surgery?  Glad it’s not my tax dollars…

Also from the same section of Stuff

pie thumb

“New Zealand’s national food, a piping hot meat pie with tomato sauce, contains worrying levels of trans fats, research by consumer group Choice shows.”

Getting closer to my tax dollars – that one uses Australian tax dollars and Australian subscriptions.

…and finally, my personal favourite, from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University, New York…

“An international research consortium involving 34 institutions has found that people who inherited gene variant NRXN3, active in the central nervous system, have a 10-15 per cent greater chance of being obese.”

…So let me get this straight… if your folks are fat, you’re more likely to be fat?  Albert Einstein would be so proud that the college named for him is doing such ground-breaking research!

I’m putting out a grant request for a million-dollar study to investigate whether skintight white pants make you look like a slapper.  Invest now.  It will be ground-breaking…

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  1.   Kate — July 6, 2009 @ 6:08 pm    

    In one newspaper last month I saw a number of similar reports of ground breaking research including this gem from right here in good ole NZ. ‘Kids who are physically active are more likely to be active adults’

    Well Doh!!!

    (get back to me on the skin tight white pants research… I need to know if a wardrobe change is in order)

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