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June 22, 2009

The Rainbow Gods Have Spoken

This weekend while driving home from town I spotted the most gorgeous rainbow (tried to take a pic with my phone, messed it up, and also almost messed up a cyclist in the process – so sorry, no photo).  One end of it was planted firmly on the big yellow mansion in Mapuia which used to be the home of Jonah Lomu.  The other end terminated somewhere in Roseneath.

This strikes me as a little unfair.  What do mansion dwellers and Roseneath residents need with a pot of gold?  Would they even notice it amongst their other pots of gold?  How about a rainbow that starts in Poririua East and terminates in …say… the Newtown Flats?  There’s some folks that could use a pot of gold!

Clearly the rainbow gods aren’t socialists…

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