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May 25, 2009

The sheer joy shoes…

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It's more than a shoe...

the sheer joy shoes

Remember Heelies?  A few years back, the cool kids were scooting around in these sneakers with a roller wheel in the heel.  My niece had a pair, and I had Heelies envy.

Then one day, I was walking past the Salvation Army store on Cuba Street, and there they were – adult size 8 Heelies.  Of course I bought them immediately.  Then I spent a few happy Saturdays with my niece scooting down the driveway.  Actually, my niece scooted – I mainly slid down on my ass. 

But the point is, that these shoes are a bit of harmless joy (notwithstanding the bruises on my ass).  They serve no real purpose other than fun.  Nikes are better running shoes.  Roller skates are a faster, smoother ride.  Minx makes better looking sneakers.  These shoes are just for joy.

I am a fan of harmless joy.  I occasionally take my Heelies for a spin down the drive or the hallway.  I like roller coasters, blowing bubbles, the Transporter movies and candyfloss.  All things that serve no purpose other than a bit of joy. 

My niece has long since outgrown her Heelies, and for now, her capacity for harmless joy.  I hope she rediscovers it sometime soon. 

Fess up.  What do you do for the harmless joy of it?


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