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May 20, 2009

Not my shoes…

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The shoes of an advevturer

The shoes of an advevturer

These are not my shoes.  These shoes belong to my friend Robyn.  Quite often I would like to be in her shoes – she has a much more adventurous life than I do.

Here Robyn was shooting a promotion event for the Disney Pixar movie UP.  She is hanging off 70 helium-filled balloons in a chair.  Shooting with a camera I mean.  Not with a shotgun…  She is being paid to do this.

I’m not saying that everything Robyn does is like gliding over a parking lot attached to 70 helium balloons.  Heck, I’ve seen her have to elbow her way through an agressive pack of hacks just to get a shot of a Chinese politician that no-one much cares about.  And I’m sure she spends lots of time waiting around.  But for us desk jockeys, who spend their days on the on and off ramps of the information superhighway, riding 70 helium balloons for a living seems pretty sweet. 

I admit it.  I’m jealous.  What’s the emoticon for jealous?


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    thanks Lyndsey.

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