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May 13, 2009

Shoes and punishment

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Shoes and punishment

Shoes and punishment

When I was little, my mum used to threaten me with ‘the slipper of pain’ when I was naughty.  I think I only copped the slipper a couple of times (this was pre-Anti-Smacking-Bill, when beating your children was still legal), but the memory of the sting and humiliation kept me in check till I was… Heck!  Till now really… 

Anyway, time and tides have moved on, and I am now a more evolved being.   I do not have children to threaten, or the ‘slipper of pain’ to use. 

These days I threaten my boss with these red, spike heeled sandals.  I should qualify this by pointing out that I threaten my boss 3 – 4 times a day – it’s the dynamic of our relationship.  Most of the time he laughs it off, but when I threaten the red spikes, he starts to look worried.  The truth is that if I took one off and threw it at his head, I would almost certainly draw blood.  Lucky the shoes are already red, so the stain wouldn’t really show.

However, if I tripped and fell off these shoes, that would almost certainly draw blood also.  That would hurt a lot more than wounding my boss. 

I always did like dangerous stuff… :)

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