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May 11, 2009

Do my feet look fat in these?

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The cover-up

The cover-up

After my near-naked trapse on the internet in my jandals yesterday (surely the foot equivalent of appearing in a thong), I felt the need to cover up today – hence the red ankle boots under conservative pants.  The pedal nudity worked however. Wow! Up to 177 twitter followers today. 65 of them are diet gurus.  80 are social media experts.  OK, I get the social media thing.  I suppose Twitter is their space – but, I’m still puzzled by the diet gurus.  So far, the only pics I’ve posted anywhere are of my face or my feet, both of which are quite slim and fit-looking.  They do not belie the delicious roly-poly bits of me that lie between them.

So how did the diet and fitness guys identify me?  And why do they keep tweeting food deprivation tips at me? I am that rare breed of woman who is a bit of a porker, but prefers herself that way. I like eating. A lot.  As in I like eating very much and large quantities.

In fact, me and my fat feet are headed for a very nice dinner right now diet guys.  I plan to eat protien, carbs and fat all in one meal, and may even top it off with some beer. Then I’m thinking some chocolate to cleanse my pallette. Mmmmmmm.

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  1.   Madge — May 11, 2009 @ 8:24 pm    

    In regards to your ‘So how did the diet and fitness guys identify me?’ comment – I’ll tell ya tomorrow!!!

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