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May 10, 2009

A date with my gay ex.

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Flirty, and a bit gay...

Flirty, and a bit gay...

Last night my gay ex boyfriend Mark* took me out for dinner and a movie.  It’s always a dilemma what to wear when one goes out with one’s gay ex.  On the one hand, Mark is always well groomed and wildly attractive to both men and women, so I don’t want him showing me up.   On the other hand, I’m fairly certain I’m not going to be getting any at the end of the night, so there seems little point in dressing attractively for him.  I wrestle with the dilemma briefly and then give in and dress as if I’m going out on a real date – hence my flirty black pumps with the red velvet bow.




Now I liked Mark quite a lot when we were going out.  But I have to admit, I like him better now.  It’s not just that we have much more in common (an appreciation of Johnny Depp, high fashion and musical theatre), it’s that we’re much more relaxed with each other now.  There’s still a great deal of chemistry there (he’ll say so too), but no pressure to prove anything.  If only we could maintain this level of comfort and intimacy, and be having sex, he’d be my perfect man. 

But then again, I have never found a pair of comfortable, flat, warm, soft shoes that are sexy.  Why should I expect that combination in a man?


*Mark is not my gay ex’s real name – he’s not out to his mum yet.  It was probably a dumb idea to come out to me though, as I know and love his mum, and I’m likely to blurt it out by accident over coffee some time.

Oh, and in case my ex who’s real name is Mark is reading: Relax Mark.  Everyone knows you’re not gay… you faithless dog. J


NB. This is Saturday’s blog, posted on Sunday due to technical difficulties.  Really, I shouldn’t be trusted with a computer and a modem.

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