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May 7, 2009

Shoe month, yes men and Jesus…

The Mary Janes that started it...

The Mary Janes that started it...

Check out my red Mary Janes.  Comfy, cute, and, as it happens, conversation starters. 




This morning while waiting for the lift, a lady complimented my shoes, telling me she had a similar pair… that were blue …and wedge heeled …and not Mary Janes (so not that similar at all really…), that her husband really loves.  She got hers at Hannahs on sale a few months back, and hid them from her husband initially.  But now, he loooooves them.

Yes, I got this all in the 30 seconds we shared outside and inside the lift…  The whole point being, that this woman really didn’t have an interest in my shoes, she just wanted to talk about hers.

The sole of the matter…

Actually, that’s kind of the impression I’m getting about social media.  I’ve only been at it for a week, and I’m reading the blogs of the big social media players – Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin, Chris Brogan (who got me started with all this), which I find incredibly useful, insightful and entertaining. 

Then I go on to read the slew of comments posted after each blog, and find myself wading through a wave of smug me-too-ness and self-congratulating drivel, with only the occasional nugget of real wisdom.  Now I realise that the point of social media is to share, but surely sharing is about more than agreeing with everything that’s said and demonstrating how it’s worked fantastically for ME! Are we children?  So wrapped up in our own world and unable to relate outside of it?  How about a good debate – maybe even a virtual punch-up now and again?  How about sharing some stories of dismal failure? 

I’m such a heel…

I guess that making this statement in a blog, is akin to Jesus telling the 5,000 to bugger off home for dinner because he only had two fishes and five loaves (there go my followers – both of them…).  Don’t get me wrong, I’m fascinated by social media.  I’m enjoying all the blogs, tweets, blips and status updates.  I just can’t take all the talking up.  All the time.

I admit I’m not really into positive affirmation as a matter of course.  I only tip when the service has been ‘exceptional’ – not just ‘good’.  And I only compliment another woman’s shoes when I want to know where she got them so I can get some too. 

Is it just me?   


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  1.   Madge — May 7, 2009 @ 8:25 pm    

    Shoe month is turning out great and it’s only the 7th of May :-) It has turned into something I look forward to after work, after dinner whilst sipping my nightly glass (& a top up) of Pinot Noir…. thank you for adding to my day :-)

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