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May 6, 2009

My younger amour…

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Boots in honour of my younger lover...

Boots in honour of my younger lover...

Today I have on my F***-me boots.  I wasn’t going to call them that, but Madge greeted me this morning with ‘I see you’re wearing your…’ (thanks Madge).  But, now that you mention it…




Anyway, I wore the boots in honour of my car.  I got these boots and my car in the same week, seven years ago.  The boots were new – the car was already a teenager (that’s about 65 in car years). 

My car has been at the panel-beaters for the past two weeks due to an incident involving a driving lesson, my nephew, a roll of lifesavers and another (parked) car.  As a result my car is getting a much needed facelift – it will be looking like a teenager again in no time! 

In the meantime, I have had a loaner car from the shop.  The loaner (let’s call him Jeff – I already do) is new (about 15 in car years).  And while Jeff is nowhere near as sturdy and powerful as my car, he does have a number of youthful features that intrigue and amaze me. 

Like, when I’m listening to the radio in the car, and a song I love comes on, Jeff thoughtfully tells me the name of the song and who’s singing it.  What’s more, Jeff allows me to turn up the volume of the song without removing my hands from the steering wheel.

Last weekend, when I unloaded the groceries from Jeff’s spacious boot, I was able to lock up simply by waving my key at Jeff.  This is a big improvement from my car, which doesn’t help me with my shopping at all.

Plus, it’s been quite cold here the last few days, but Jeff is always warmed up and ready to go when I need him.  And de-misting the windscreen does not require all the other windows to be wound down.  My car suffers with the cold, and takes time to get going.  But then again… so do I.

So what? I hear you say.  These are not amazing features.  Well, maybe not for you, ye owners of young cars, but for me, it is a thrill and a revelation to take a spin with a younger model.  I think I might be having a mid-life crisis. 

My old, comfortable, sturdy car will be back with me tomorrow.  And I’ll be back to singing choruses to help identify songs I like.  Sigh :P


  1.   Rach — May 7, 2009 @ 5:32 pm    

    Hmmm, I have to say I like shoe month. I’ve been following your posts and they’ve made me think about my shoes and what they say about me. Either I heard somewhere once, or else I made up, that you can tell a lot about someone by their shoes.

    I have realised I use this as a measure of almost everyone I meet…cool shoes = cool person. Is that a bit basic? The guy I dated on Saturday night showed up in sneakers. Bad move. But then, they did match his jeans and t shirt.

    Today I am at home sick, so I haven’t worn shoes…but I have photographed the shoes I would have worn if I had been at work. Red patent leather, lace-up brogues. Small comfortable heel (ideal for work)…sensible…yet, red patent leather! Does it get any better than red patent leather? In my shoes maketh the woman measure, no!

    …and that’ll be enough ramble from me.

    [Oops. I left the camera to laptop connection at work so no pic until tomorrow.]

  2.   Rach — May 7, 2009 @ 5:34 pm    

    Why does this site have ads for Marriage mid-life crisis and Men’s mid-life crisis? I didn’t realise shoes had so much POWER. Crikey.

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