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The best personality test ever!
April 20, 2009, 7:33 pm
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Back when I was still dating, I was often set up on blind dates by well-meaning friends and marriage-meaning realtives.  In those days, I would have a couple of phone calls with the prospect before I met him for a date.  Yes, I dated B.G. (before Google) – that’s what we used to do then.

Anyway, it’s just as hard to get to know someone over the phone as it is over the internet, so my opening gambit was always to ask the guy to go to his fridge and tell me what was in it.  This told me everything I would need to know about him.  Here’s some of the code cracked in case you too want to use this method:

  • Expired milk, old cheese and mouldy vegetables – His girlfriend left him some time ago and he needs a new one to clean out the fridge.
  • Champagne, proscuitto, asparagus, eyemask, Roquefort and quince paste – Gay.
  • Beer, Brie, crackers, vege sticks and Ketchup, pesto dip – Gay, but doesn’t know it.
  • Champagne, caviar, arugula, pomegranates – liar, or The Aga Khan…
  • Bread, milk, cheese, chops, carrots, lettuce, cabbage – lives with his mum, but will deny it.
  • Chardonay, milk, bread, cheese, hummus, yogurt – lives with his wife, but will deny it.
  • Beer/wine, chops, Ketchup, milk (in date), lettuce, tomatoes – Has potential…
  • Beer, wine,  film, lipstick, milk, Ketchup, moisturiser, cheeses, yogurt, pesto – steer well clear… that’s me!

What’s in your fridge?